Sankranti, a mega serial in Kannada beamed on Udaya TV every day between 2.00 PM and 2.30 PM.  It is spread over 365 episodes and is the only Kannada serial beamed on all week days, ie Sunday thro’ Saturday.  With a galore of artistes, the story is developed by five writers along with Nagabharana.  Set against a village background, the story line deals with tenancy, village panchayat and effect of urbanisation on rural area.  200th day was celebrated on 24.7.2000 at Sun Valley Club, Bangalore honouring the entire team.    




Received Arya Bhata award for best Direction and Photography. A novel by Dr. Gopala Krishna Adiga a famous poet done into a serial for UDAYA TV. It is repeated on Monday at 11:30 AM.

  FILM 1


       A novel by Dr. Shivarama Karanth is being made a film.







  FILM 2

`           Cancer can be cured - socialism could replace feudalism - revenge [by a gifted girl growing into a great singer] without bloodshed or head rolling but through the mightier weapon - the folk art - is what "Maha Chaithra" the new film by Nagabharana that will be shot from 30.8.2000. 


            Star Cast



Nagabharana has recently received the prestigious Puttanna Kanagal Award for his directorial excellence in Kannada Cinema.