(Mutha the Golden Boy) (1993-94)



·        Best Regional Film - National Award.

·        Best Children’s Film - State Award.

·        Four other State Awards.

·        Only Children Film celebrated Golden Jubilee.

·        Participated in 1993 International Film Festival of Children & Youth at Udaipur.

·        Participated in 1994 International Film Festival at Calcutta.

·        Selected for Indian panorama.

·        Invited for projection at International Festivals in China and Chicago.

·        The film is a talent spotter of its child hero.

·        Ballet is a special feature of the film.

·        Hits the audience with lilting music.

·        Lyrics and tuneful music build immediate rapport with the children and all listeners and haunt for ever. 



·        Storyline 

A poor and not cared for village boy whose latent talent arrests the attention of an entire town by an unexpected encouragement he receives from a talent spotter-sports teacher who catches him by accident in extraneous circumstances.  Enduring educative messages coupled with genuine entertainment reach parents and their loved ones as also the true teachers. 


Mysora Mallige